Systems and Processes are essential if you want your business to grow and expand.

From contact management to creating and assigning new tasks automatically for your team, an online appointment calendar and automation of everything involved in the sales process, EngageBay’s Sales Automation means smarter workflows and automation to increase revenue.

The Essentials Around Selling

Here are just some of the ways that EngageBay can help with the essential stuff around selling.

  • One customer view with everything you need to know about your customer, on one single page
  • Real-time customer information, in one place and accessible by all your staff
  • Create, track and manage events and tasks efficiently to save time and improve productivity
  • Attach and save documents, for relevant contacts & deals, then send them via email all from within the platform
  • Better tracking of different deals with custom milestones, trigger automatic follow-ups, get real-time metrics and predict future revenue
  • Fully access and manage your third-party email account from within the EngageBay CRM Application so you don’t have to keep switching between the two
  • Keep your sales team or staff mobile with the Mobile App that allows you to send email campaigns, respond to social mentions, dial calls to your customers, take notes after a meeting, resolve customer issues, manage your tasks and do more, on your mobile device.
  • The ability to integrate seamlessly with a number of third-party providers in the email, SMS, social, billing, telephony and support apps for complete customer data and smarter selling
  • Make, record and automate calls all from the dashboard

Sales Enablement

The challenge is, people who are “skilled” salespeople often lack structure, have poor time management and neglect customer follow through. They often need a process or structure to follow and improve their productivity and performance. With EngageBay CRM, you can:

  • Rank your leads or prospects in order of priority
  • Let your leads schedule appointments via an online calendar
  • Increase lead conversion and revenue with Gamification to encourage both competition and collaboration within your sales team
  • Observe and manage tasks and project effectively with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Easily generate leads by importing social media leads, web search leads and email addresses
  • Enjoy the maximum insight into your sales with the ability to measure and observe all aspects of the sales process
  • Spend less time on document administration with powerful document management and signature process with e-Docs and proposals
  • Expedite and streamline your contract and document signing process

 It is true that people buy from people however building the right foundation for your salespeople to be successful is a win-win for both them and your business!


With the use of third-party integration, telephony can be easily integrated into the EngageBay CRM platform.

  • It takes a single click to make and receive calls from your customers
  • You can view details and add notes during the call
  • Record important customer calls and playback as required
  • Access Real-time logs of all user calls to help you and your team keep on track
  • “Check in” on your teams calls to manage and train your team to improve their performance and the sales pipeline overall
  • You can create call scripts to engage contacts and increase conversions
  • Use automated voicemail delivery to your customers when your team is not available
  • Automatically run follow up communication or campaigns to your customers
  • Forward calls to your team if they are in the field or conference call them
  • Get real-time caller information prior to or during the conversation
  • Greet your customers personally
  • Have a detailed history of all calls to your customer, so all of your team can provide a more personalised service.

So how can EngageBay help you achieve sales growth?

Contact Management

Close more deals with single page contact management

Appointment Scheduling

Share your calendar online and automate scheduling, invites and follow up


Track stages & milestones of your deals to keep the sales process on track

Lead Prospector

Search and locate the leads you want on social media and import them to the CRM with ease.


Enjoy one-click calling and call scripts

Document Signing

Expedite and streamline your contract and document signing process.

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