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My name is Leonie Hunt, the founder and heart of Diva Marketing Solutions.

I’ve been thinking about small business owners in Australia and some of the challenges we all face when getting leads and sales and appointments online.

As you can see by my photo (yes that one on the right hand side) –  I’ve been doing this marketing thing for a while. The technology has changed over the years but the frustrations haven’t.

What I see is that people either spend a little on their website as an afterthought…

I’ll just get my third cousins child who knows something about computers to do it.”

Or they completely over-spend by hiring a website genius who doesn’t know a thing about marketing, and they end up with an expensive digital brochure.

Then, they assume that they will now be overwhelmed with business as people fall over themselves to find them on the internet. But that’s simply not how it works.

That is why I am reaching out via my website …. I am on a mission!

I want to help and support your business through your own marketing journey a little more smoothly that perhaps I have by sharing the good, the bad and the ugly with you.

“Everything in life is a gift or a lesson … you must learn from your lessons and importantly accept the gifts that come your way.”

For me, there have been lots of lessons so I want to share them with you!

So what can I do for you?

Let me be clear … I don’t pretend to be the expert in all things online.

Here is an analogy, which I think will help you understand how I can be of help to you and your business.

I’m like the conductor of an orchestra …My job is not to know how to play each instrument … that is the job of the individual who is the expert in playing that instrument.

My job is to know which instruments to use, what they are capable of, how to find the best musicians to play those instruments and how to bring it all together in harmony to create beautiful music or in your case give you the best opportunity for online success, at whatever stage you may be at.

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