You know you need more customers, but it is often hard to juggle all the priorities of the business, without adding more staff.

With EngageBay CRM, you can build automated marketing campaigns in minutes and start capturing more leads continuously.

From web popups, email newsletters, autoresponders and automatically personalised campaigns across mobile and social media channels AND the incorporation of your branding into emails, landing pages, live chat and more, EngageBay CRM’s Marketing Automation means improved recognition and reach for your business in a far more efficient way.

Marketing Automation

Many businesses or marketing departments need to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions to increase efficiency and effectiveness. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier.  Here are just some of the ways that EngageBay CRM can help with the essential stuff around marketing automation.

  • Create and send branded, personalised emails and newsletters, then track and analyse your results
  • Get “front and centre” with your customers with appealing newsletters that deliver an engaging customer experience
  • Always know what’s working and what’s not by accessing the results of your campaigns
  • You have the flexibility of combine all sorts of customer touchpoints in your campaigns, so you are where your customers are looking for information whether it be email, social, landing pages, videos, texts, web or telemarketing
  • You can send a personalised video in your emails to increase engagement

Web Engagement

The best time to engage a prospect is when they are browsing your website and your brand is in front of their mind.

Don’t be generic, be personal. With EngageBay CRM, you can tailor your responses to your web visitors, whilst they are looking at your site.

Engage your web visitors automatically with landing pages, push notifications, popups, forms, messaging, personalised messages and more.

  • Specific landing pages tailored to different offers are essential for providing a quality experience for visitors and driving quality conversions. They facilitate a specific action you want a user to take in relation to your business objectives. It’s easy to build landing pages with the drag and drop designer and create responsive web pages for campaigns
  • Capturing your leads are critical. You can easily build responsive web forms that are readable on all devices to improve conversions 
  • Your web visitors will be more engaged with dynamic web pop-ups that you control. They will appear when you tell them to and display a message of your choice. It’s a great way to link to high-value content, a discount offer, or a newsletter sign up form
  • Send instant messages to your customers whenever they are online, wherever they may be. This is a great way to drive traffic, increase conversions and boost loyalty by providing the right communication at the right time
  • Make every post a winner and talk to your web visitors as they are about to leave your site. Why not offer them an incentive to give you their details?
  • And you can gain a far deeper insight into your customer behaviour and website performance with EngageBay CRM’s analytics, so you can continually improve your website’s performance

Social Media

You don’t have to jump from platform to platform as you can monitor your brand, capture leads and run social campaigns all from your EngageBay CRM Social function that enables your business to engage with your customers.

  • You can keep a track on what the market is talking about and proactively participate in the conversation
  • Easily reach your audience on Social Media where they spend the most time
  • You can reach out to contacts wherever they are by sending out personalised SMS messages
  • It’s important to engage your customers at just the right time. Nearly everyone carries a mobile device these days. With EngageBay CRM, you can send them relevant text messages when the time is right to maximise engagement with your brand, even during an automated campaign.

So how can EngageBay CRM automate your marketing?

Marketing Automation

Advanced marketing automation with drag & drop designer

Social Marketing

Easily integrate social media into marketing campaigns and contact views

Web Engagement

Landing pages, custom popups, push notifications, forms, coupons & surveys to increase conversions


Contact level analytics and campaign metrics for higher ROI

Email Marketing

Complete email marketing with newsletters, personalisation, A/B testing, automation & analytics

Mobile Marketing

Dynamic mobile marketing to automatically send personalised SMS texts to leads

Email Tracking

Track email opens and campaign performance with metrics and instant notifications.

Exit Intent

Convert abandoning visitors into dedicated customers with exit intent popups

There’s a lot more to tell, EngageBay CRM has several marketing tools to help differentiate your business from the competition

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