No Marketing Mumbo Jumbo here!

Where to begin .. yes it can seem confusing!

However – if you not getting the sales that you want to – something isn’t quite right and the sooner you take a look and fix it, the sooner your profits will increase.

And it is not a set and forget – your marketing should be dynamic just like your business and and adaptable to the markets you serve.

My approach to Marketing is really quite simple …

  1. Review your current marketing approach
  2. Get clear about your aims and objectives
  3. Get your plan in place to deliver
  4. Action your plan
  5. Measure your results
  6. Fine Tune to deliver better results
  7. And if you still aren’t getting the results you want – start at Step 1 again!

So what does your Marketing look like?

Your Strategy & Budget

What is your overall business aim?  Do you want to?

  • increase sales,
  • bring in new customers,
  • get existing customers to buy more,
  • introduce a new product or service,
  • increase market share,
  • make your brand more recognisable or improve customer loyalty?

And what objectives do you have in place to reach your aim and how are you measuring your outcomes?

What is your marketing budget and how is it allocated?

Your Business Identity

How do you want your business to be seen by the general public?

What values and personality do you want to portray?

Do you have a logo, logo visual, tagline and definition statement that you use that communicates a three or four work message about what you do or how you do it?

In addition to logos do you have business cards, letterheads and other marketing collateral and are you using your branding consistently?

Your Systems & Processes

Does your business really need a website?

How do you manage your customer sales and information?

How do you communicate with your customers?

Are all your systems working together seamlessly or are they making your job harder?

Your Target Market

Who is your ideal customer?

What are their demographics? Age, Gender, Marital Status? The number and age of their children, where are they located, what is their occupation, income, level of education?

What are their goals and values, challenges & pain points, objections & role in the purchase process?

Where do they find their information?

Are there enough customers out there in your target market to make your business profitable?

Your Products & Services

What products or services do you offer?

What are their price points?

How will they solve the challenges & pain points of your customers?

Why Customers Would Need You

How can you let them know they need you before they need you?

What are their Headaches, Obstacles, Aspirations and Desires?

Don’t talk about you .. talk about how you can help them.

So … What are you to do? – Where too from here? How can I help?

You can do it yourself with our 1on1 coaching and support

Are you getting the success that you are looking for?  If not, it is definitely time for a review.

My Marketing Review process:

  • Reviews your current marketing and sales strategies and literature;
  • Assesses the market potential for your product or service and identify target markets;
  • Provides a road map for future marketing and sales initiatives

You can join the “Marketing on Tap” community

Imagine being part of a vibrant and active South Australian based marketing community where you can “ask the experts” and have your marketing questions answered, have access to up-to-date quality information all in the one place – built and operated specifically for the market and South Australian businesses.

That is what Diva’s “Marketing on Tap” community is all about – it includes access to a “members only” portal, webinars, podcasts, interviews and most importantly the ability to ask any marketing related questions you may need answers to for your business.

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