EngageBay CRM’s help desk software solutions provide the features you need to provide a more personalised customer experience to increase customer satisfaction and grow your business.

It’s the perfect solution for small business while being scalable enough to support large enterprises.

You can also leverage EngageBay CRM’s Help Desk Software for IT support, facility management, or even educational purposes. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Help Desk Software

It’s much easier to stand out from the competition when you offer superior customer support.  A positive customer experience is a crucially important piece of the entire customer journey.

EngageBay CRM enables businesses to provide a more personalised customer support experience.

With a host of powerful help desk automation features at your fingertips, you will better understand your customers so you can be there to assist when they need you most.

  • Optimise your support response time by streamlining and prioritising your customer support with advanced helpdesk ticketing and automated workflows that will reduce response times
  • Ensure “Best-in-class” support, by allocating the right people to answer or resolve customer queries
  • Give customers various ways to reach out to your support team via phone or chat
  • With extensive reporting, you can analyse your team’s performance and continually improve your results
  • You get to keep your finger on the pulse of your customer support efforts when you use EngageBay CRM as your company’s helpdesk, you can take advantage of the ability to get “at-a-glance” insights from your dashboard, with smart views allowing you to gain quick updates on the metrics you need to follow
  • Set clear expectations around customer service with SLA’s (Service Level Agreements). Track performance against KPIs and analyse results to continuously improve your customer support. Delivering best in class customer support depends largely on defining what excellence is. Service level agreements set clear expectations for your support team and your customers, providing clarity around what customers can expect and giving your support team goals to work toward and they are measurable.

Customer Service Automation

You can automate the time-consuming elements of customer support administration so your reps can focus more energy on each one-on-one interaction.

  • Customer support workflows help you automate the routine administration of incoming tickets and the process that moves them through to resolution
  • Use workflows to set priority, status, route incoming tickets and ensure your SLAs are met
  • You can pre-package numerous email responses ie canned responses to commonly asked questions and route them out in an instant when a common question comes in
  • Your business will be judged on the level and quality of customer support your team provides. The use of Automation ensures your customer support team can maintain quick initial response times and provide quality customer support
  • Integration is also available with other Support Software solutions

Live Chat

Live Chat allows you to engage and chat with your visitors and customers in real time as a live chat window can pop up immediately once a visitor is on your website to start the conversation.
This form of customer engagement is becoming more and more popular, as it allows efficiencies for both the customer and the business.

  • Live chat software helps you connect with your customers seamlessly with immediate access to your staff for sales opportunities or support issues
  • Your customer service or support reps can engage and respond to multiple visitors or customers simultaneously with the multi-chat function
  • When your staff can chat with multiple customers at the same time, it saves time, allowing them to address and close more helpdesk tickets each day improving their efficiency and keeps customers satisfied with response times
  • This means that you need fewer support reps to accomplish the same amount of work, allowing you to manage your workforce accordingly
  • You can analyse your team’s performance by tracking metrics such as tickets closed, the average time to resolve issues, live chats closed, and more
  • Review and improve your processes by using customer support analytics to identify bottlenecks and observe performance. This type of reporting can be used to devise a strategy for improvements as it provides actionable data.

Knowledge Base

You can also provide all sorts of information to your customers via the EngageBay CRM’s Knowledge Base

  • Create, organise, and share content easily and with the keyword search function
  • Empower your customers and visitors to find the information they need or solve immediate problems online
  • Continues to grow your Knowledge Base as your staff identify commonly asked questions and gain actionable insight that helps you improve existing content and fill content gaps

So how can EngageBay CRM help your business give great customer support?

Customer Support

This software will take you from average to exceptional

Smart Workflows

Leverage automation to define and prioritise workflows to reduce the time involved with routine administration and devote it to higher value tasks.

Help Desk Ticketing

Resolve every issue in the shortest possible time with powerful ticketing features and ticket labelling. Keep customers satisfied over the long term and reduce attrition.


Utilise widgets for telephony, support, billing, social media, e-commerce or your own custom widget to manage every aspect of your customer journey

Smart Views

Enjoy at a glance views of important data, such as ticket priority on your dashboard. Customise smart views to display only the information that you need to see

Live Chat

Engage and chat with customers in real time for either sales or support issues

Service Level Agreements

Set up and monitor workflows according to your Customer Service Level Agreements

Knowledge Base

Create, organise & share content online to empower your customers to find the information they need

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