Working with Businesses to achieve Sales Growth

We all know that you can have a great product, with great people and great systems but if your business is not generating “sales” or if “revenue” is not coming in the door then cash flow is a serious issue. How can you achieve sales growth?

The challenge is that many small to medium businesses cannot afford the expertise required to set up, manage and adapt their sales teams to the ever changing business environment. It may also be that the team that has grown the business is not necessarily skilled in the development of building a sales structure that can arm, motivate and monitor the performance of a sales team to ensure that revenue keeps coming in the door. This is where I can help.


Passion vs Results

I have worked with many “passionate” sales people who talk the talk but not many can walk the walk without a solid sales activity structure in place. Sales is a simple formula – the more prospects you see, the more proposals you deliver, the more sales you make….see simple and yet most sales people are performing below target which means they are costing you money.

​The challenge is, people who are “skilled” sales people often lack structure, have poor time management and neglect customer follow through. It is true that people buy from people however building the right foundation for your sales people to be successful is a win win for both them and you!

So how can I help you achieve sales growth?

Check out our Sales Recharge Solutions

Increase your Sales Activity

Motivation by Remuneration

Getting the Right Customers

What is your Sales Cycle?

Ongoing Sales Management

More about how I can Recharge your Sales!

Increasing Sales Activity

Do you know what activity your sales team are doing to generate sales? Are they doing the right activity for the greatest return? Does your business have a positive sales culture?

The purpose of these workshops is to work with your company to embed the activity framework needed for your sales staff to achieve and exceed the set company targets.

Sales people operate on a very different level to most other professions and it is vital that a structure is set and adhered to in order for them to complete all necessary tasks to exceed target.

I look at setting a weekly schedule to include lead generation, number of appointments, researching prospects, completing proposals, update records.

Motivation by Remuneration

Sales people are hungry for $$$, the great news is that the more sales they make, the more money they earn which rolls up to more money that you company makes! It is therefore critical that you have the right remuneration program in place.

​I will review and realign your remuneration model, commission and bonus structure and incentives. How to set targets, roll out and monitor the process.

Getting the Right Customers

Sales is about strategy. Good sales people know how to focus their attention on the path that will bring in the greatest amount of revenue

will look at identifying your target market as well as ensuring that your existing base is being managed and generating referrals to look at the best way to maximise your sales peoples time across your market and to represent the full potential of your business. I also explore and compare the 1 to 1 and 1 to many models.

What is your Sales Cycle

Most sales people know their product and do a fantastic first meeting. Most sales people let themselves down from there. Understanding the sales cycle and buying cycle and then feeding this into a framework of follow up into your routine is crucial to success.

​We set the rules for follow up and workshop techniques on closing the sale in your industry. Put time lines around the cascading decline of a sales cycle and build strategies to shorten the time-frame to a YES!

Ongoing Sales Management

Once you have completed our Sales Recharge Programs and your sales team are operating in a more structured way, there is an option for you to use us as your external Sales Manager. We provide weekly support with a structured agenda, measurement and feedback system.

This may include:

  • Weekly 1 on 1 Sales Meetings with your sales staff
  • Weekly Sales Meetings with you sales team
  • Fortnightly Strategy Sessions to keep those larger sales moving through the sales cycle

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