You either are starting up or running a hospitality business and we know that takes up most of your time, effort, energy and $$.

Your business is your passion, but it also needs to be profitable!

Yet even the best food, staff, service and ambience won’t sustain your business.

You need customers and enough customers to not only survive – but also to prosper.

Love and passion won’t “pay the rent”. Smart and effective marketing is the key to your success.

Are any of the following an issue for you?

Current marketing initiatives are haphazard
For any marketing initiative, teamwork is important.  We collaborate with you to develop and implement quartely marketing strategies and then track, measure and report on outcomes so we can continually improve results.

You want to build a new website or update to be mobile friendly, but don’t know where to start.
We provide step-by-step instructions and allocate a marketing buddy to  guide you through the process.  Its an affordable and fast way to get on-line.

You find it hard, costly or simply don’t have the time to keep your website current and up to date.
Menu changes, images, news etc – Just send through the latest info and we update the site for you.
If we don’t hear from you, we follow up to make sure we get the latest info –  It’s all included in our Done4U Website Content Updates Monthly fee.

You may or may not have Social Media in place eg Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and if so, it may not be optimised to get results or updated regularly.
We can review and optimise all your social media platforms and then provide ongoing management that includes monitoring and posting.

You think it all costs too much!
It’s really about  ROI  (Return on Investment), and that is why most successful businesses allocate around 25% of their gross profit to marketing. Every $ spent on marketing is about yielding results – in your case MORE CUSTOMERS!

If you can relate to any of the above issues – let’s have a chat and see how we help. We’d also love to hear about any issues that are relevant to your business. Please feel free to let us know via our comment section.